Monday, 2 December 2013

My Top Budget Make-up Buys Under £5 (Part 2).

Hello, and welcome to my bootiful budget beauty finds...part deux! If you didn't see part 1 on my blog, please go and have a butchers!

I have lots of great affordable products I want to share with you. Personally, I only spend a lot of money on a certain product if it is worth it and there is no cheaper dupe/alternative. Luckily, I have found many cheaper alternatives and being the kind hearted person I am, I am spreading the word with you lovely people. The word being ''You don't have to spend lots to find high quality make-up/cosmetic products''. No siree!

E.L.F - Mineral Eyeshadows £3.00

I am starting this blog with my ABSOLUTE favourite under £5 make-up product. I present to you...the mineral eyeshadow from e.l.f. I simply cannot 'big these up' enough. The shade choice, the texture, the pigmentation, the formula, the appearance, the quality and their lasting power can only be rivalled by Bare Minerals and M.A.C's pigments.
I kid you not, these are the biz. I am still amazed that these cost just a mere £3 each!! They are one of my favourite eye products, full stop. Under £5 or not. I reach for these on a daily basis and can be doubled up as highlighters.
See those swatches above? They were done on dry skin, with dry eyeshadow and just one stroke. Look at the beautiful colour payoff! I own approximately 12 of the 28 shades. E.l.f deliver consistency here as each and every shadow offers the same pigmentation and texture. Shimmery or a matte finish? They are all great!

Let me just mention the ingredients also. Ok, so they are a mineral eyeshadow so they contain key vitamins A & B. They also hydrate and minimise the appearance of fine lines. These mineral beauties are 100% mineral based with no parabens, no preservatives and no chemical dyes.

Too good to be true? Nope! These are truly little gems.
Use instead of : Bare Minerals individual eyeshadows/M.A.C pigments.
Available frome.l.f cosmetics

Miss Sporty - Curve It Pump Up Booster £3.99

I tried this months ago after reading a few good reviews on it. My Maybelline Rocket Volume Express had dried up and I was on the hunt for something similar, but cheaper. I found it. This mascara is seriously great. It was on offer when I bought it too so I paid £2.99 (even better!)

I have tried a few of the Miss Sporty mascaras now and honestly rate all of the ones I have tried, with the exception of the waterproof ones. They are not waterproof and the product disintegrates into thin air from your lashes. BUT, the non-waterproof formula's are really impressive. Mascara is not something I ever spend a lot on because it's not worth it. They simply do not last long anyway, regardless of price.

See my lashes above? That is just two coats, no primer and no eyelash curling. Not bad huh? I also buy the regular 'pump up booster' in the purple tube (it's very similar to this one).

What are you waiting for? Go pump it up!
Using instead of : Maybelline Rocket/Maybelline Falsies.
Available from : Superdrug/Boots.

Rimmel Eyebrow Pencil - 002 Hazel £2.99.

I have been using this eyebrow pencil for approximately 10 years! It is the right shade for me and allows me to fill in my sparse and somewhat naff fair brows. That is a woe of mine, being fair means you generally lack in the brow department :-( I do have eyebrows, but only 3/4 of the way along my head. The final quarter are sparse, sparse as sparse can be. That's where this little baby comes in. It's a fab, fab, fab pencil. It really is, everything about it. I even use the lil brush on the lid to shape the brows first and also remove some product if I put too much on. There are other shades for darker brows too and the price is phenomenal. It also lasts for a loooong time.
Available from : Superdrug, Boots and Rimmel London Uk

Collection - Work The Colour Shadow Pencil £3.19.

Never I have I been so bowled over by a drugstore eye pencil as I was when I discovered these! These pencils are utterly amazing. They can be used all over the eyelid and in the waterline, which I'm super happy about as they DO NOT budge. They can be worn alone or they make an excellent base for your eyeshadow.
These have everything you want in an eye pencil. They are soft, creamy, pigmented, extremely long lasting, affordable, wearable and there are some stunning colours for this time of year. I own all of the shades apart from a light pink one, which I wouldn't use. The swatches on my wrist are just one light stroke! 
 N.b When you do decide to remove them, it takes some doing! (Get a good eye make-up remover ;-)).
Use instead of : Urban Decay 24/7 Eye pencils.
Available from : Superdrug/Boots.

NYX - Jumbo Eye Pencil £5.

Yes, more pencils. I cannot let a budget beauty favourite blogpost pass by without mentioning...the infamous jumbo eye pencil from NYX.
I have been collecting these since 2009 after trying the matte white shade called 'Milk'. I echo what I said above for the Collection ones really. The pigmentation and the formula make for a fantastic eye pencil. That's what you want in an eye product, no tugging around the lid (nasty dry pencils, I am looking at you) and colour that lasts. NYX ticks all the boxes here. Again, these pencils can be used on the lid, the waterline and as eyeshadow bases. Love, love love these! I just wish NYX had a store here in the UK.
Use instead of : Urban Decay 24/7 Glide on Pencils.
Available fromNYX cosmetics

E.L.F - Brushes £5 and under.

Last and certainly not least. Make-up brushes. Chances are, without the right brushes...your make-up will not look good. Simple as that. It's all very well buying fab make-up products but if you can't apply them properly, what is the point?
We can't all afford brushes from M.A.C or Sigma or any other well known brand so, I am so happy to share with you these fantastic brushes that cost VERY little. The majority of my make-up brushes are from e.l.f. I Cannot justify spending approximately £30 on one brush (Yes M.A.C, you!) There is also no need to as ALL of my brushes from e.l.f apply may make-up brilliantly, they never shed hair and they remain unaffected by countless washings too. They are also soft and dense, soft and fluffy and there are soooo many to choose from. 
Above I have photographed a very small selection of the brushes I own. From bottom to top I have the eyeshadow brush (MAC 239 dupe), the blending eye brush, the flawless concealer brush, the powder blush and the kabuki brush.
N.B I use the powder brush for buffing in liquid foundation, I have never used it for powder. It works brilliantly with liquid foundations. It really buffs the product into your skin giving you optimum coverage and a flawless finish. 
I have never had a dud or disappointing brush from e.l.f and I have ordered a lot! The value for money here is second to none. I will never buy high end brushes as long as I have these. Thank you e.l.f! 
Use instead of : M.A.C brushes.
Available from e.l.f cosmetics

So, here lies the end of part 2 of my budget beauty favourites.
Part 3 will be up later this week.
I hope this has been helpful to you guys.

What are your favourite budget make-up finds? 
Have you tried any of the products I mentioned?

please leave a comment and let me know.
Thanks for stopping by.


  1. I just need to drag you to an ELF store to select suitable mineral shadow shades ;)
    Look forward to these blog posts x

    1. Thanks for following and commenting Emma. There are swatches online of all the shades. I would love to visit the e.l.f store, however. Xx

  2. Love the eyeshadows - they look fab! Your mascara review is great too. Thanks for sharing :-)

    x Roch & Tash x