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Feel Upbeat, The Good Whey..

How many times have we all done it? Overslept, gone out with no breakfast, frantically rushing around only stopping to sip some coffee or tea. Then soon after, alas, hunger strikes. You look at your watch, ''But it's only 10am!'', your concentration is off, you have little energy, your stomach is rumbling as if to say ''why did you forget me!?'' 

Now you have no excuse. Let me introduce a low calorie, delicious high protein drink you can enjoy in your home, on your commute, for breakfast, pre and post workout, in between meals or whenever you fancy!

The Three Flavours : Strawberry (my favourite), Mango And Passion Fruit and Blueberry and Raspberry. 

Upbeat is a tasty low calorie, low fat dairy protein drink. It packs a mighty 20 grams of whey protein into each 250ml bottle and also contains a really moderate amount of sugar *thumbs up*  Upbeat is made from just three ingredients : Fresh whey protein, fruit puree and fruit juice from concentrate. Each drink contains no more than 150 calories which is less than a bag of 37g crisps, half a bagel or two rounds of toast! So, as well as providing a very convenient source of protein for breakfast, Upbeat is low in carbohydrates so great for aiding with fat loss. Upbeat can be enjoyed in between meals, in place of your usual high sugar naughty snacks!

Who says convenience foods are bad?

All three flavours are absolutely delicious and very smooth in texture. Thinner than a milkshake and not as lumpy as a smoothie, these yogurt like drinks are super easy and a delight to drink. I really like the packaging too, it's really eye catching and cute. It's easy to see what you're buying and there are no hidden nasties.. it does what it says on the tin (Or bottle!)

Protein : The Lowdown.

Firstly, the word 'Protein' comes from the Greek word 'Proteios' which means primary. Which is what you should make this macro-nutrient in regards to your diet. Protein should be consumed with every meal you eat. The amount of protein you need per day depends on your activity level and weight but as general rule of thumb, you need 1g of protein per each lb of body weight. You can calculate this online and tailor your protein needs exactly to your requirements. Or you can use a trusty Upbeat calculator...

An example above for say an average adult

I am an active person and weight train regularly so my protein intake is set to 120g per day.

Now, as your body generally cannot digest more than 30g protein at one time, you need to spread your intake out over the day. For me that means eating five times a day. 

Whether you're active or not active, young or old...your body needs a constant supply of protein. Especially in the morning as your body has been in a fasting state overnight (Oh, hi Upbeat!)

Besides being hunger fighting and helping with fat loss, protein is the body's building block. We are essentially built from proteins. Our skin, organs, muscles, hair and nails all rely on a constant intake of protein to enable growth and development.

When consuming protein, I feel it's also important to obtain protein from a variety of sources. Meat and fish are the most popular choices while nuts, legumes, seeds, dairy and whey protein provide ample amounts of the much needed amino acid. 

Meat and fish generally take 3 hours to digest while liquid forms of protein i.e Whey protein can digest in approximately 30 minutes. Thus making protein drinks like Upbeat a fantastic source of protein, especially after your workout when your muscles need replenishing and repairing FAST! 

So, lets see how Upbeat compares to other protein sources :
Source: Feelingupbeat.com

As you can see above, Upbeat scores impressively, packing more protein into their bottles than contained in 3 eggs and 70g of tuna. Fantastic right? RIGHT! 

Upbeat drinks are made by 'The Good Whey Co' and I think they have given us all an affordable and convenient way to help us on our way to getting our daily protein needs. A diet high in protein really does stave off hunger and halt potential unhealthy snacking throughout the day. Upbeat certainly does fill you up nicely whilst only providing 150 calories or less. Therefore making it easier to hit your protein macros but not racking up the calories. Now that's something to get upbeat about ;-)

I really like how those lovely folk at 'The Good Whey Co' are really interactive with their customers too. They're really active across all social media platforms and really put themselves out there whilst appreciating each and every person that interacts with them. Their customer service is something other companies could learn a lot from. 

I genuinely have been buying these drinks for months. I always have them in my fridge or buy one when I'm out shopping to have in between meals. They are really affordable and so much more nutritious than other snacks. The convenience of Upbeat is the selling point for me. What else can you throw in your bag with this amount of protein? Or eat or drink when you only have a few minutes to spare and no time to cook or make a smoothie for example?

Upbeat will be remaining on my shopping list for the foreseeable future. Skipping breakfast? Snacking on junk in between meals? Not me!  After all, not all convenience food is bad! You just need a little bit of willpower...

Upbeat costs approximately £1.79 each (but it's often on offer) and is available from Tesco, Holland And Barrett, Waitrose and Sainsbury's. You can also visit the Upbeat website to learn more and say hello!

Have you tried Upbeat yet?

What do you think if you have tried it?

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