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Spring Makeup Trends 2017.

Firstly, Happy New Year (I Know, it's been a while!)
Secondly, you are probably wondering where I went as I haven't blogged a long time. 
Well, I didn't go anywhere. I just felt I no longer wanted to blog. It was taking up time that I didn't have and I didn't feel people were engaging with me as much as I'd hoped.

Anyway, I am blogging again (as a hobby for the time being) but if I could make a career out of it, that would be perfect, but for now I shall be writing whenever I possibly can.

On with the blog post!

Now Christmas is out of the way, it's totally normal for me to start thinking about spring. Yes already. I do like to plan and think ahead (I'm not impatient at all!) 

As you all probably know, one of my main passions in life is make-up. So of course, I am super excited to see what trends are out there for spring 2017.

When it comes to Spring make-up there are usually two things that are a given; flushed cheeks and bright lips. However, this year I was surprised to see a couple of not so obvious trends in there!

Predominant trends being seen at many fashion and make-up shows are;

  • Overly flushed cheeks and draping (we'll get into that later)
  • Bold lips
  • Dewy skin and intense highlighting of cheeks and the nose
  • Pops of eye colour on the eyelids
  • Smudged eyeliner
  • Glitter applied in a ''different'' manner!

Did you spot the two I didn't expect!? Smudged liner and glitter in ''different'' places are something I associate with the aftermath of a good night out. They don't scream SPRING to me but I'm up for trying anything once (well not anything...)

Anyway, let's go into more detail of each of these trends. First up, cheeks!


Rosy cheeks and pretty blushers have always been popular at spring time but this year, blush is meant to be seen! It's bold, it's bright, it's not just pink and it's being draped. Okay, I said I'd go into 'draping' later so draping is basically where the blush is applied to the cheeks and also taken up onto the temples. This was a popular technique in the 1970's and 1980's (Think Debbie Harry and Madonna).


It's no surprise that bold lips are back. Nearly every spring we see the return of bright lip shades in colours like; pink, coral, fuchsia and orange. In addition to these beautiful shades, red is making a big impact at shows showcasing spring make-up trends. Most of the lips are focusing on a matte finish but of course, you can wear what you want! 

A very big and bold colour seen a lot at fashion shows is red. Red is a classic lip colour that is just timeless but it doesn't have to just be a colour associated with glamour, winter and Christmas etc. It looks so beautiful during spring/summer with minimal make-up, pale skin and also with sun kissed skin.
Think less is more when it comes to the rest of your face, let the lips do the talking - so to speak!

Me wearing Topshop lipsticks (great shades for SS17)


Ahhhh dewy skin and highlight - my favourite! 
Nothing says spring like fresh faced dewy skin and this year, prepare to glow!
The shinier and the glowier the better. Right from your base to your highlight.
Skin looks moisturised, fresh and dewy. The highlight is applied on to the cheekbones, the bridge of the nose, the inner corner of the eyes, the brow bones and pretty much where you would highlight normally but more intensely!
Just glow for it!

Me wearing 'Smokin' Whistles' highlight by Colourpop


Now, eyes. Bright colours are seen on the lids, in the crease and as eyeliners. Blue seems to the predominant colour while brights such as yellow, green, purple, orange, pink and red are proving popular too.
The lips and rest of the face are kept simple while the eyes are the focus.
There are no rules here, apply whatever colour you like wherever you like, just keep it simple and to one shade.
My favourite products for bright eyes have got to be my Morphe Brushes Palettes and my NYX Vivid Brights eyeliners.
You could create any look imaginable with these and they're both so affordable.
Get popping!

My Morphe 35C (matte) palette - also check out the 35U (shimmer) palette.

NYX Vivid Brights Eyeliner from Boots


I have to confess, the only time I've had smudged liner is after rubbing my eyes and forgetting I have make-up on. But it all seriousness, the smudged effect seen for spring '17 is more subtle. Think imperfect and undone rather than full on panda eyes (never a good look!)
Black, grey, navy and brown are the shades used and with regards to the ''rules'' there doesn't seem to be any. Eyeliner is applied to the waterline, the lower lash line, as winged liner and across the whole eyelid in an undone way.
Get smudging!!


I am pretty much like a magpie when it comes to glitter. I love it. In fact, I love anything sparkly or holographic.
However, the glitter trend for spring '17 is probably one I'll be skipping. Glitter is seen on the lips, eyebrows, the head and as facial tattoos. 
I'm all for new and different ways to wear make-up and for being open minded, but this just isn't a very wearable trend. I think I'll leave this trend to the catwalk models!

So there you have it. A round up of the Spring '17 trends.

Which ones will you be trying?

Leave a comment below and let me know.

Thanks for reading and I hope you enjoyed it!

See you soon.

Much love.

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