Monday, 8 September 2014

I Heart Chocolate Palette from I Heart Makeup...

'I Heart Chocolate' palette by I Heart Makeup (chocolate sold separately!)

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Those pesky guys over at Makeup Revolution have been releasing so many gorgeous products of late, I can't keep up. However this sweet lil palette didn't escape my attention. I am talking about the 'I Heart Chocolate' palette from their other cosmetic line 'I Heart Makeup'.

Look at it! Doesn't it look good enough to eat? Wait until you see inside...

There are sixteen named shades with a mixture of matte, satin and shimmer finishes.

If you are thinking you have seen this before or something similar, you are probably thinking of the Chocolate Bar Palette from Too Faced. Yes, it is VERY similar. The only differences being that this one from I Heart Makeup doesn't have a chocolate scent or a high price tag but I can totally live with that! 

All the shades in this palette are the same as the Too Faced palette but there are two on the top row in a different order. 

Ok, so far so good, right? But are they as good in quality as the Too Faced Chocolate Bar Palette? Well, I don't own the Too Faced palette but I have swatched it instore and looked at online reviews and tutorials so I feel I can say...yes, they are.

Top row swatched L-R dry on dry skin with no primer and in natural light.

Middle row swatched L-R dry on dry skin with no primer and in natural light.

Bottom Row swatched dry on dry skin with no primer and in natural light.

I am super impressed with the pigmentation and texture of ALL these shades. They feel really buttery and soft. The three most shimmery shades aren't quite as buttery but that doesn't matter as they are all equally pigmented. 

There are so many looks you could create with this. You have two highlighter shades (one matte and one satin), matte shades for your crease or lid and a great variety of colours for all over your lid. These shades are also perfect for the transition into Autumn and winter as there are browns, bronze shades and purples (especially great for green eyed girls).

That's not all. You get to carry all those lovely eyeshadows around in an eye catching, fun and sturdy chocolate packaged palette with is a fantastic large mirror for just £7.99! Yes, that's right. Less than the price of ONE high end eyeshadow. 

 I love this palette. It's great for putting in your bag or taking away with you. The looks you could create are endless.

I would highly recommend picking this up over the Too Faced one (which costs £45!) :-0

The I Heart Chocolate palette is available here from Makeup Revolution

Have you tried this palette yet?

Will you be picking up this sweet dupe?

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