Tuesday, 19 November 2013

My Top 5 Nude Lipsticks...

If you're gonna be rockin' smokey eyes this season, then make the nude lip your best friend.

Personally, If I wear smokey eyed make-up or colourful eyed make-up, I like to keep my lips nude.  Similarly, when I wear a bold lip, I keep the eyes neutral.

But, we all know that make-up has no rules, this is just my preference!

I have selected 5 nude toned lipsticks that I reach for most often.

(L-R) 'M.A.C Semi Annual' , 'Revlon Peach Parfait' , 'Rimmel Nude Delight'

 'Barry M 101 Marshmallow' and 'Soap & Glory Supernude'.

M.A.C Semi Annual (cremesheen) Discontinued :-(

This is my favourite nude out of all five. It was released in 2009 as part of the 'Graphic Garden' collection. Unfortunately, it is no longer available *cries*. This is the perfect nude, both in colour and texture. I am not a fan of 'concealer' type nudes, I much prefer my nudes to have subtle pink tones; cue Semi Annual! It is extremely moisturising and has a lovely sheeny finish to it. There is no need for lip balm or gloss here which is an added bonus! I just wish it wasn't a limited edition.

Revlon Colorburst lip butter Peach Parfait - £7.99

Ok so, this is not ''technically'' a nude shade. However, when applied lightly it gives a lovely sheeny pinky nudey, 'your lips but better' look! You get my drift, right?

I should also mention there are little gold glitter particles in this, but it still gives a natural look.

These lip butters from Revlon have received sooo much love and I have seen countless reviews about them so, I had to try them. This shade is the first one I picked up.

The ingredients in these lip butters are super for this time of the year too, as your lips can suffer and crack due to the cold weather. Hydrating mango, shea and coconut butter formula boosts lip moisture by 156% *Gives thumbs up*

I like to wear this as my ''Daytime Nude''.

Rimmel Nude Delight (moisture renew) £6.49.

Ahhh good ole' Rimmel. I first purchased this years ago. It was my first and favourite nude (until I discovered the M.A.C one!). 

Rimmel can do NO wrong when it comes to lipstick. The formulation, choice of colours and prices are phenomenal.

Nude Delight looks slightly darker here in the swatch that in does on the lips. It is much nicer when it is actually applied.

Enriched with vitamins, moisturising, affordable, a lovely shade of nude and cute packaging...it's not hard to see why it is in my top 5!

Barry M lip paint 101 Marshmallow £4.49.

Ok, Do not panic at the sight of this shade! I know it is extremely light and isn't for everyone but I have included it for this reason; I use this to lighten other lipsticks and to mix with other nude shades. I do not wear this solely! It is lighter than it looks on the photo too! Yes, really!

I don't recommend this be worn on it's own for two reasons: The shade is very light and the formulation is quite drying. But, of course you can if you like a really light nude. 

There are a huge array of shades available from Barry M too. All affordable, pigmented and packed with natural moisturisers.

Soap & Glory Super-colour Fabulipstick powdercoat Supernude (matte) £9.00.

Phew! Now that I've got that title out of the way, I can talk about the lipstick!

The formulation of this lipstick is unique and exclusive to Soap & Glory. It contains the trademarked powdercoat matte finish. The colour is rich, the feel is velvety and there is also a peptide complex to tone and plump your lips! Geesh, lipstick just got hi-tech!!

I can feel all of the above in the product and 100% agree with what Soap & Glory say.

The colour is slightly more nude and nicer than the photo shows. Oh and I love the packaging. Look at the little S&G engraved into the lipstick!

This is the only shade I own, so far. But, I may have to go and get another shade or two...

Do you own any of these shades?

What are your favourite nude shades?

Let me know your favourites in the comment box.

Jude x x 

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