Wednesday, 20 November 2013

My Top 5 Pink Lipsticks...

The final installment of my 'Top 5' lipsticks is here. My favourite shade to wear...pinks!

Pinks can be very bold or very subtle, both ooze femininity and look really pretty against all skin tones and hair colours. Pink, pink to make the boys wink, and all that...

I did not purposely choose the majority of these be M.A.C, but M.A.C do amazing pinks and I have collected these over a period of years.

(L-R) 'M.A.C Please Me', 'M.A.C Saint Germain', 'Revlon Strawberry Shortcake', 'M.A.C Angel' and 'M.A.C Girl About Town'.

M.A.C Please Me (Matte) £15.

Please Me is one of M.A.C's underrated pink shades. It is a really wearable light-medium pink shade with neutral undertones.. Pink but not bright and matte but not drying (more semi-matte). 

This is one of M.A.C's better matte formula's, it has a creamy feel and is not as flat as other matte shades. I am also happy to announce that this is a permanent shade.

I like to wear this in the daytime with minimal eye make-up. I would also refer to this as a 'Ylbb' lipstick, which translates as 'Your lips but better!'.

Rimmel's 'Rose Blush 810' is a really close dupe for this. The formulation is different, however. The Rimmel one is part of the moisture renew line , so it doesn't have a matte finish, but you may prefer that!

M.A.C Saint Germain (Amplified) £15.

Saint Germain is not for the faint hearted. A bright pale pink that is blue-based. It almost looks like a lilac pink. This wouldn't look out of place on Nicki Minaj's smackers! 

It is an 'Amplified' formula, which are M.A.C'S more daring and unique shades. The formulation of this is similar to a 'lustre' finish with more opaqueness. I said it was unique! 

I saw this on one of M.A.C sales assistants years ago and bought it straight away.

It's a lot of fun, but certainly not for everyone as it can be difficult to pull off!

Revlon colorburst lip butter Strawberry Shortcake £7.99.

A blue-based cotton candy pink. Ultra girly and ultra moisturising, the much hyped Revlon lip butters certainly deliver a number of benefits while managing to provide a medium coverage. Packed with a number of lip conditioning ingredients and a mid range price tag, strawberry shortcake had to make my top 5.

There is no scent to this, which I don't mind. The packaging is pretty nice too.

I consider this as one of my favourite pinks mainly due to it's finish and the lovely pale pink tone. It looks quite shimmery when applied and the colour is beautiful. 

Again, it is an added bonus that no lip balm or lip gloss are needed with this!

M.A.C Angel (Frost) £15.

Ahhh, the infamous 'Angel'. I am pretty sure this is M.A.C's best selling lipstick. Probably something to do with the fact that Kim Kardashian wears it (not the reason I bought it!).

This a fantastic pink shade, perfect for day or night. I tend to pair this with warm smokey eyes rather than using a nude lipstick. It looks really nice with played up eyes.

If you are looking for a pink lipstick, I'd recommend this. It is my 'go to' shade as it goes with everything, it is moisturising and works really well with my fair skin tone.

If this is too pricey for you (it is expensive!) I found a good dupe for it. Revlon lipstick in '002 Pink Pout'. Pink Pout is very similar to Angel, but with more of a matte finish. It is also half the price of 'Angel' coming in at £7.49. So, that is worth checking out.

M.A.C Girl About Town (Amplified) £15.

Last and certainly not least...my absolute all time favourite pink lipstick. This was the first ever M.A.C lipstick I bought and it is still my favourite.

It is known that Cheryl Cole wears this shade and I bought it after seeing it on her on the X-factor years ago! She has completely different colouring to me, but it still compliments fair skin tones and blonde's just as well.

This is another lipstick from the 'Amplified' line. Loud, vibrant, sexy, bold and striking. I am a big fan of M.A.C's amplified lipsticks. The unique shade choice, the formulation and opaqueness of them are phenomenal.

If this is too pricey for you, I have some good news...I know of a VERY good dupe for this. Go to your nearest Rimmel stand and pick up 'Funtime Fuchsia'. It is almost identical (I own this too!) The Rimmel one comes in at £6.49, so it's much cheaper!

So that's it. My top 5 series is complete. I didn't mean for this post to be so M.A.C heavy, but where possible I have mentioned good dupes or alternatives (aren't I good to you!?).

Do you own any of these shades?

What are your favourite pink shades?

Let me know your favourites in the comment box.

Jude x x 


  1. Wow, the M.A.C Saint Germain (Amplified) is definitely a statement shade.

    Love the Revlon colorburst lip butter Strawberry Shortcake & M.A.C Girl About Town (Amplified) - gorgeous & girly :-)

    x Roch & Tash x

    1. Hi, yay! Glad you like them too! They smell divine also.. x