Saturday, 9 August 2014

I Heart Makeup Blushing Hearts - Goddess Of Love Highlighter

Okay, you probably know how much I love the brand 'Makeup Revolution' so when they launched a sister brand called 'I Heart Makeup' Obviously I went to check it out. That's when I spotted the most beautiful looking highlighter I have ever seen. 

I give you 'Goddess Of Love'. Firstly, every time I look at this or write about it, I can't help singing 'Venus' by Lady Gaga :-/ but onto the product...

I am a sucker for pretty packaging so of course that's what initially attracted me to this. However, I will only part with my cash if the price is right and the actual product is good too. Luckily this ticks all three boxes, costing just £4.99 for 10g and offering impressive pigmentation. This triple baked highlighter is a beautiful champagne shimmer with pink undertones in a gorgeous 3D heart shape.

Isn't it gorgeous? If you are thinking you have seen this before, or something similar...you are right. Too faced Sweetheart Perfect Flush Blush is a higher priced extremely similar concept, costing £24!

Goddess Of Love is the only highlighter in this range but there are six other Blushing Hearts in the collection, which I will definitely be trying soon! (See here

Goddess Of Love swatched dry on dry skin in natural light.

I apply this to highlight my cheekbones and also as a brow bone and inner corner highlight.

I am really impressed with this highlighter.  It is smooth in texture, versatile and easy to work with. The only negative I can think of lies with the cardboard packaging. It isn't the most sturdy I have seen but, it will be kept in my make-up drawer so that isn't an issue for me personally.

I feel Goddess Of Love is best suited to pale and cool toned skintones. If you have darker skin you might want to check out the Summer Of Love Bronzer from this I Heart Makeup range.

You can purchase Goddess Of Love from Makeup Revolution Store

What do you think of this product?

Will you be trying it out?

Have you tried any of the other Blushing hearts blushers?

Leave a comment below and let me know.

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  1. great review, i also reviewed this product on my blog xxx

    1. Thank you, I'll have a look..x

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  3. Such a flawless skin!!! what do you use? what is your skin care routine?

    Efsun@Makeuptemple|Mystical Makeup and Beauty

    1. Hi Efsun. Thanks so much. Here I have on Revlon Colorstay foundation.
      My Skincare routine consists of daily washing and moisturising. I always have spf in my foundation AND moisturiser. I use coconut oil on my face every evening as my night moisturiser. I eat well, drink lots of water, dont smoke and drink very rarely. That's about it! I don't use any miracle or expensive products. Thanks for stopping by x