Thursday, 7 August 2014

Oriflame First Impressions And Review

L-R : The One Eye liner Stylo and The One Illuskin Blush 

If you haven't already heard of the Oriflame, let me give you a brief introduction. Oriflame Cosmetics was founded in 1967 by two Swedish brothers. They are now a huge international brand selling make-up, fragrance, skincare, bodycare, hair, accessories and nutritional products. 

Price wise, I'd say they're neither high end nor are they budget. The products I have here retail for £8.45 for the Eye Liner Stylo* and £8.95 for the Illuskin Blush*.

The One Illuskin Blush in 'Pink Glow' 4g.

The One Illuskin Blush is small in size but mighty in deliverance. The left side is a gorgeous rosy pink shade and the right side is a very light pink shade with shimmery particles.

Upon using this the first time, I applied the light shade as a highlight first then I applied the blush. I was blown away by the blush shade, it's so pigmented, easy to blend and a stunning colour which gives a natural rosy flush effect. However, the highlight side left me a tad underwhelmed. It isn't as dewy as I like in a highlighter and although the glittery particles don't really show up on the skin, it didn't work for me as a stand alone highlighter.

So, the second time I used it I mixed the two shades together and it gave a lovely glowy flush look to my cheeks, Yay! I like it more using that way also. The actual size of this blush is about 6cm by 6cm so it's quite hard to select one shade without mixing the two.

Over the course of 13 hours, I only noticed minor fading.

I absolutely LOVE the shade of this pink. It looks stunning on the cheeks. I am currently transitioning from my summer corals to pinks ready for Autumn/Winter so I cannot wait to carry on using this.

Illuskin blush available here from Oriflame

The One Eye Liner Stylo in black 0.8ml

Firstly, when it comes to eyeliner - that doesn't go on the waterline, I struggle a bit. I've tried gel liners, liquid liners and one felt tip liner. Out of all three, I find the pointed pen type like this the absolute easiest to work with. Plus there's no need for brushes or pots of gel too. This format is great for travelling or popping into your bag as it's so lightweight and compact.

When I first tried this, I swatched it onto my hand and I was taken aback by how pigmented and wet it applied.

The nib moves just enough, its not stiff and it doesn't bend too much, it's perfect.

Most importantly, the actual product is phenomenal. I swatched that heart on my hand in the morning (when I took these photos). It is now 11pm as I write this and 99% of the liner is still on my hand, despite me washing my hands many times.

Of course I applied it to my eyes too, that's what it's for after all! 

I managed to line my upper lash line on the first attempt! This may be a first. This product really is a pleasure to use. I have used many eyeliners and I am most impressed with this one. This liner has not budged, it has not flaked, it has not smudged and it has not altered in any way. And I'm talking 13 hours of wear - mostly in the sweltering heat :-0. I'm amazed! I've spent double the amount of this on ''high end'' liners that have flaked off after a few hours. I may have found my go to eye liner at last. This is a keeper!

Eye liner Stylo available here from Oriflame

These are the first two products I have tried from Oriflame and I am super impressed. I will definitely be having a browse on The Oriflame Website to see what else I like the look of..

*PR Samples sent for review. All opinions and photographs are my 100% own and I was not paid nor sponsored for this review.

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  1. That blush is gorgeous! And I love the sound of the eyeliner. I haven't tried any Oriflame products before but I really want to! x

    Telina | Love, Telina

    1. Hi Telina. I am so impressed with the eyeliner especially. Every liner I have tried either transfers or cracks and slowly fades over the day, this one doesn't alter one bit! There is so much to choose from on their website. Let me know what you pick up! Thanks for stopping by x