Friday, 20 June 2014

Jordana Best Lash Extreme Volumising Mascara Review

I first heard about Jordana Cosmetics, and in particular, this mascara after watching Lauren Curtis on YouTube. Lauren uses this mascara in nearly all of her videos and it always gives amazing results.

So, whilst in LA a couple of months ago, I decided to order two from Jordana Cosmetics online to try it out. I was instantly blown away and wanted to buy more. I found out that Kmart stock Jordana cosmetics so I trundled off there. As I approached the Jordana stand, I shrieked like a little girl when I saw there was an offer of 'Buy one get one 50% off'. I picked up four as it was just $4.50 for two! (That's about £3!)

The mascara comes in one shade - black. But that's fine by me!

$2.99 for 9ml.

The packaging of this mascara is nothing outstanding and the wand doesn't look anything special, so I wasn't expecting it to be that good. However I was greatly suprised to see how amazing my lashes looked after one application. No eyelash curlers, no eyelash primer, one coat of a $2.99 mascara and I looked like I had false lashes on *thumbs up*

Of course you can apply a second coat and be rest assured that it will give your lashes even more volume with no clumping. Huzzah!

Best Lash Extreme. One coat applied. No eyelash curlers used. (please ignore my brows, they don't look that bad from afar!)

Best Lash Extreme. One coat applied. No eyelash curlers used.

Once applied, it lasts ALL DAY. It holds the curl and shape, it doesn't clump and it gives the most amazing long lashes with minimal fuss and a quick and easy application.

There is no horrid smell here either, it looks simple and it is simply a fantastic mascara. I have tried really expensive ones and never will again. This is the cheapest mascara I have ever bought and it it without doubt the best. 

I have been using the same one since April and it has still not dried out nor has the consistency changed. There is no clumping, no smell, no changes at all.

It does everything it says on the tin (well, tube).

Benefit can keep their 'They're real' mascara, this one is a keeper!

It's so nice when you find a gem like this in an industry swamped with overpriced cosmetics. So, when I do find amazing bargains, I like to pass them on to you guys.

Now, the downside. Jordana Cosmetics are only available in the USA and Canada. You can buy this from ebay.com or from ebay.co.uk but expect to pay more in shipping.

For us Brits, I can recommend a very similar inexpensive one which is available from Superdrug. It is from Miss Sporty and called 'Pump Up Lash Booster' Available here This comes in at £3.99 and is pretty much as good as the Jordana one. Pump up Lash Booster is definitely my favourite mascara in the U.K. That is my backup when my Jordana ones run out!

I hope you found this review helpful and hopefully it saves you some money!

Will you be trying this mascara?

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  1. This looks great on your eyes!
    I love trying different mascaras and this is so well priced, I'll keep my eyes open for it in stores.
    Followed your bloglovin and can't wait to read future posts

    1. Hi Jemma. Thanks so much for your feedback and follow. I am quite new to this so I really appreciate it. I am following you too. Thanks again. P.S Definitely try this, when you're in New York next! ;-) x