Wednesday, 18 June 2014

Talking 'bout a revolution...

So, this new brand - Makeup Revolution seem to have popped up from nowhere and taken the blogging/beauty world by storm. The prices are comparable with MUA cosmetics but with a vast array of new and interesting high quality products, thus the appeal.

I recently blogged about their best selling eyeshadow palette, the Iconic 3 palette (see my previous blogpost) but of course, I couldn't resist ordering a few more products as everything looks so impressive.

The first thing I ordered was a baked highlighter. There are three shades to choose from but I chose 'Golden Lights'

Golden Lights 7.5g

If you are at all familiar with highlighters, you will know that one of the best selling highlighters of all time is 'Albatross' by Nars Cosmetics. The cost of it? £22.50. The cost of Golden Lights? £3! And believe me when I say that this budget buy is an incredible dupe for Nars Albatross. The packaging is also extremely sturdy and you get 7.5g of product. Most importantly, this looks impeccable on the skin and doesn't budge one bit throughout the day!

Next up are the mono eyeshadows.

Top to bottom : Finally, Promised Land and Illuminate 3.3g.

Mono shadow in 'Finally'

'Finally' swatched dry without primer.

Firstly, you are not going to believe me when I say these eyeshadows cost just £1 each. I kid you not! Yes, they are indeed £1 each!! Mind. Blown. I have NEVER tried an affordable eyeshadow as impressive as these. I think these may be my favourite product that I have ordered (so far). 

The shade 'Finally' is a gorgeous, gorgeous, gorgeous pale pinky/champagne colour which reminds me of 'Your Ladyship' by MAC. It gleams and shimmers, it's creamy, pigmented and lasts all day with no creasing. This is a great all over lid shade and can double up as an inner corner brightener. I absolutely love this.

Mono Shadow in 'Promised Land'

Swatched dry without primer.

'Promised Land' is a beautiful bronzey/tan shade. Again, it's shimmery, pigmented, creamy, has no fall out and lasts all day. This shade is great for all over the lid and a great shade for summer. A staple colour to own for summertime! 

Mono Shadow in 'Illuminate'

Swatched dry without primer.

'Illuminate' does just that. This highly pigmented gem doubles up as an inner corner brightener and a eye/face highlighter. This shade is remarkably similar to one of MAC'S best selling pigments...'Vanilla' *jumps up and down with joy* 

I am soooo impressed with these mono shadows. I have had shadows 15 times the price that do not offer this level of pigmentation and longevity. I will be repurchasing these and trying some more shades, for sure! 

There are 46 shades available.

Speaking of pigments...yep, Makeup Revolution got them covered too. I picked up two to try. 

L-R 'Dynamic' and 'Etiquette' 1.5g.

Pure Pigment in 'Dynamic'

Swatched dry without primer.

Dynamic is a dynamic coppery shade and so stunning. This pigment is slightly more shimmery than the mono shadows but equally pigmented and long lasting. I will get a lot of use out of this one. I am totally amazed at the quality of this and gobsmacked that it cost just £1! :-0

Pure Pigment in 'Etiquette' 1.5g

Swatched dry without primer.

Just look at that beauty. 'Etiquette' is a cool taupe toned brown with a subtle multi-tonal shimmer running through it. This is a stunning all over lid shade that will suit all skin tones and is suitable for day or night. Pigmented, smooth, stunning, shimmery and..no fall out here! I will totally repurchase this one.

There are 25 shades available.

Next, a new phenomenon to me...the Awesome Metals Foil Finish Eyeshadow.
Awesome Metals Foil Finish in 'Magnificent Copper' 1.5g.

Swatched dry WITHOUT the primer.

This product is an eyeshadow with a metallic foil finish. It comes with a mixing tray and a liquid primer. You mix a bit of the awesome metals colour with the primer to create a high intensity foil finish. This is remarkably similar to the 'Magnificent Metals Foil Finish' by Stila. The stila ones cost £33.50 each and the Makeup Revolution ones cost £4! 

This colour is an intense and sparkly shade of copper. Absolutely stunning for creating a glossy eye to be paired with sunkissed skin. I am so excited to play with this more.

Awesome Metals Foil Finish 'Rose Gold' 1.5g.

Swatched dry WITHOUT the primer.

I love a bit of rose gold, so this was an obvious choice for me. True to it's name, a shimmering metallic rose gold. This will be getting used quite a bit! I have yet to try it with the primer but as it is a creamy consistency anyway, I applied it like that and it looked gorgeous!

After all those neutral tones, you want a bit of bright, right? You got it!
Redemption Palette Matte Brights 14g.

Matte eyeshadows are renowned for not giving as good a colour payoff as shimmer eyeshadows. So, I really wasn't expecting much from this as it cost just £4 for the whole palette! 12 shades for £4, they're not even going to show up, I thought. How I was wrong. All the swatches done above are DRY and with NO primer. Impressive huh? My only gripe is with the purple shade, I had to really rub it to get a bit of colour. But the rest are awesome! I'm gonna have to create a look with this very soon.

Finally I got a Lip gloss.

Amazing Sheer Lip Gloss 'Hush Hush' 

Swatched in natural light.

I just wanted a nice neutral lip gloss with a tinge of colour for the summer months. I got lucky here as this is exactly that. It is glossy and almost feels moisturising. It is not sticky at all and has a lovely subtle fruity scent. This is great for when you have played up your eyes and want a minimal lip. This cost £1! *Thumbs up*

That is all I have got so far, although another order is being placed VERY soon. 

As this brand is still new, I didn't want to go crazy buying too much in case it wasn't very good. Makeup Revolution as a brand is so consistent across the board, every type of product I have tried is fantastic and definitely on par with high end products. I will continue to purchase more products as they are amazing dupes for much more expensive brands and I am saving a small fortune without compromising quality.

I highly recommend you check them out. You can treat yourself without breaking the bank. Guilt free shopping! We all love a bit of that! Makeup Revolution is quickly becoming one of my favourite brands. I find myself reaching for these products on a day to day basis. They are THAT good.

Makeup revolution is only available online currently. You can order from their website here or from Superdrug .Look out for when Superdrug runs their 3 for 2 campaign, you can get even more products for your money! 

Have you tried anything from this brand yet?

Will you be trying anything you have seen here?

As always, thanks for your support and thanks for stopping by.

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