Friday, 4 July 2014

Monthly Favourites : June.

Hello everyone, I hope you're all well. So, June has been and gone, and very quickly it went by too. Besides the sun, I have been enjoying quite a few things - product wise. Some rediscoveries and some newer purchases. 

Rimmel Match Perfection foundation £6.99

I purchased this years ago and really liked it. But being a product junkie, I like to try different products and see what else is out there. This foundation was recently on a two for £10 offer in Superdrug so I decided to pick two up to try again. And oh my goodness, I do not remember it being this good! I love this foundation, everything about it in fact. The price is phenomenal for what feels like a very high end foundation, the finish is beautifully radiant and the fact it has an SPF in is an absolute must for me. This is my go to foundation for summer glowing skin.

Nivea Sensitive Day Cream £4.49

On days when the sun is out, I double up on SPF. I always wear a moisturiser and a foundation with SPF in. My skin does not really like fragrance so I always opt for a sensitive skin moisturiser. This sensitive one from Nivea is fairly new and I have been using if for over a month. It makes my skin super soft and the ingredients are fantastic for nourishing, protecting and not aggravating sensitive skin. Ooh the price is pretty appealing too. I will definitely be repurchasing this!

Dove Summer Glow In Medium To Dark Skin £4.99

The summer months wouldn't be complete without a little tan, from the sun or from a bottle. We all like a little glow, right? If you're scared of fake tan, raise your hand *raises hand* then this is ideal for you. A moisturiser with a subtle gradual self-tanner. I chose the medium to dark skin one as it gives a result. The light to medium one hardly showed on my skin. I really like how natural this looks when applied. You look golden and there's no iffy scent or streaking. I apply it in the evening and it shows up by morning. Another thing I love about this is it's always on offer in Superdrug and Boots and I've never actually paid £4.99! This is affordable enough to use every day or as often as you like! 

Perfectly Pure 100% Natural Raw Virgin Coconut Oil £15.49

If you know me, you will know how much I love this stuff. Anything ''coconutty'' in fact. But, this is the real deal. I recently wrote a blogpost just on this product, you can check it out here There are so many things I use this for, it's going to be in my favourites forever!

Sleek Blusher In Rose Gold £4.49

This is quite possibly Sleek's best selling blush. It has been super popular for years and when you apply it, you will see why. It is the most gorgeous pinky/coral with a golden glow. Rose gold is a very apt name. It is also a well known dupe for 'Orgasm' by Nars (also their best selling blush!) I bought this a while back but rooted it out again at the start of June. It is super affordable, very pigmented and will work on pale skin tones. It also looks stunning with a tan. Those wanting to try Coralista by Benefit or Orgasm by Nars, save your money and try this.

External portable battery charger £3.85

This is my first non-beauty item. If you have a smart phone you will know the battery life sucks! If I use my phone in the morning, the battery will be going before 3pm :-/ So, I decided to look for a charger to take out and about with me to charge it back up. I purchased this lil wonder from eBay not expecting it to work very well. However, this will charge a phone from say 30% to 100% in approximately an hour! That's pretty quick for a little charger like this! On the downside it will run out of juice after charging around 70% so it won't charge from 0% to 100% but it's great for emergencies and for not only stopping the battery depleting but for charging your battery too. The unit itself needs charging before you take it out with you. Just plug the USB end into your laptop and there's a light that changes colour when it's fully charged! This is seriously a godsend. And what a bargain!

The Body Shop Lip Gloss in Vineyard Peach £7

This is my newest purchase out all my favourites. The vineyard peach range is relatively new to The Body Shop also. I was looking for a lip gloss that had little to no colour, no stickiness and one that smelt nice. I found it. This lip gloss smells divine. It is glossy but not sticky and lasts for a long time. The smell totally captivated me and I ended up going back to The Body Shop and purchasing quite a few other items from the vineyard peach range. It's such a lovely range and so refreshing. You can buy this peachy gloss here

So, those are the things I have been loving using in the month of June.

Have you tried any of these products?

What were your June favourites?

Please leave a comment in the comment box and let me know. Thanks for stopping by. 


  1. Lovely favourites! The Sleek Rose Gold blush is one of my favourites too - it's so pretty and really brightens up my skin when I wear it .. I also have one of those battery chargers for my iPhone, it comes in so handy when I'm out and about and my battery dies half way through the day! x

    Rachael | overdosedemaquillage.com

    1. Hi Rachael, thanks for your comment. I'm glad you stopped by and share the same likes! cheers x